The only thing longer than a holiday wish list during this time of year are the projects or assignments keeping you from taking a break. Whether you’re working or in school, there is simply so much to do before the new year. And so, here are some secrets about treating yourself from your own city and having a staycation so good, you might never want to vacation again.

Decide on your destination

Whether you’re taking a solo staycation or bringing the girls along, pick a hotel that’s right for you. Is there a neighborhood you’ve wanted to explore, or a cozy spot you’ve been eyeing on Insta? Treat yourself and book the room!

Put on the hotel bathrobe of your influencer dreams

We can all agree that nothing feels like vacation quite like a fresh, luxe hotel bathrobe. So as soon as you check-in, and check out your room, throw on your robe, snap a pic, and get ready to relax.


Bring your own booze … and beauty! Get the vacation vibes going by pouring yourself a glass and applying your favorite face mask! Didn’t plan ahead? Call down and order from your hotel’s lobby bar.

Take a bubble bath

If your hotel has a bathtub, it’s a crime to *not* take a bubble bath. Use a vibrant bath bomb to relax and capture that perfect ~staycation~ gram.

Snuggle up with a book

We’ve all been guilty of putting off the book we’ve meant to read all year long. Take some time to yourself and crack one open on your cozy hotel room bed. And while you’re at it, order room service and even let yourself fall asleep early.