Celebrity piercer, jewelry designer and creator of the curated-ear phenomenon, Maria has learnt the key to success is persistence, innovative thinking and doing what you love.

Defining career moment?

“It’s not any one moment. It’s really about doing cumulative good work in developing a solid and unique product and service. In my case, it was over the course of many years, seven days a week, in the intense environment of Manhattan.”

What part of your work are you most proud of?

“I really enjoy seeing clients excited and empowered after visiting my stores and making their own unique curations with my product, ideas, and staff.”

Who is your career role model and why?

“I don’t idolise any particular person or role model. I really admire self-made women who have managed to create a fulfilling family life (of their own definition), in parallel with developing a successful career that creates value to others. I keep a copy of Forbes magazine of the wealthiest self-made women on my desk as good inspiration.”

Proudest achievement?

“I am very proud of my Dubai store. It’s set the standard for size and design for future Maria Tash stores, and is proof of how my company has grown globally in size.”

What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

“It’s very satisfying to see the ideas living in my brain come to life and emerge into the world, bringing fun, joy, and empowerment to my clients after they’ve each been styled or pierced.”

The key to success is…

“Persistence and doing what you love.”

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What would you tell your younger self?

“You are stronger and more capable than you think you are. Do not let others derail you from your dreams or confidence.”

The future is…

“…a product of deliberate visualisation and manifestation.”

What does family mean to you?

“Enduring love and emotional stability.”

Describe yourself in three words…

“Loyal, creative and precise.”

What life-defining moment changed the way you think about everything?

“My mother’s passing. She was so amazing and strong. I faced my own mortality, grew spiritually and realised the importance of being loved and helping others because it makes you feel good. I’m now concentrating more on how to add value to other people’s lives.”

What do you listen to most – your head, heart or gut – and why?

“A successful decision lies at the crossroads of the head and heart. I do think I’m intuitive, but I usually go with my head because it’s important to conquer fear, and logic can usually mitigate that emotion.”

Can we have it all (and what does that mean)?

“I think so. Aim high so you can land near your goals even if you don’t reach them. Wants change over time, and a slight ongoing sense of dissatisfaction and not accomplishing enough, ironically fuels people to achieve higher goals in the end.”


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