Distance learning allows students to continue the study process, taking into account that classes have been ceased due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The Studii.md platform, developed in 2019 by the company Simpals, with the support and involvement of the United Nations Development Programme and TEKWILL, to digitize the educational process, is now being used for testing virtual lessons.

25 schools are already using the electronic platform Studii.md, and other 88 educational institutions have requested to be connected. In 40 schools, the registration of students and the collection of necessary data has started. All in all, 31,844 users are registered in the system, of which 13,771 are students, 16,873 – parents and 1,128 – teachers. 

Teachers have already the opportunity to upload video lessons from their computer or mobile phone, attach teaching materials relevant for homework, and leave comments with explanations and observations. The attached data, including the video materials, can be viewed by all the students in the class on the page with that respective lesson. Students have access to the comment writing function. Also, here they can ask questions, attach files with completed tasks to be checked by the teacher.

More, the users of the platform have access to electronic diaries and registers, the schedule of lessons, and the administration also has the opportunity to generate periodic statistical reports.

The platform, adapted for access from any operating system (IOS or Windows), can also be accessed from mobile devices.


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