It’s hard to describe what it feels like to be a college senior graduating in 2020. So many students have worked hard to get to where we are today, only to have important final moments taken away so quickly with the spread of COVID-19 and campuses shutting down. But, who says you can’t celebrate this huge accomplishment from the comfort of your own home? 

1. Take graduation photos in your yard.

A big moment during senior spring is getting dressed up in your cap and gown to take graduation photos. Good news — you can still get those pics! I did a quick photo session in my backyard with my dad as the photographer, and it felt so good to do my hair and makeup again. Get outside to breathe in some fresh air and ask your family or roommates to take some great pics. You can even use them to make grad announcements to send out. 

2. Host a makeshift party.

As large social gatherings are no longer an option, graduation party plans have shifted slightly. While a grad party might not be the same as originally planned, you can still keep an open mind and create a night to celebrate your success. Have everyone in your fam dress up to celebrate, then order food from your favorite local restaurants and have a fancy dinner.

3. Collage your memories.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, get crafty and make a photo collage of all of your favorite college moments. A college collage, if you will! Take some time—because you have plenty of it now—to go through all of your pics from the last four years. You are bound to have some pictures that capture the amazing memories that sum up your college experience. 

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4. Walk through campus once it’s safe to.

If your school is like mine, all classes were moved online right after spring break. One of the biggest realities is knowing you may never walk into another classroom on college campus. If you live in the same city as your college campus during self-isolation, you can still give it a proper goodbye at some point. Once it’s safe to spend time outside, you can plan to walk around campus again—that way you can see everything one last time.

5. Email your professors.

To complete your closure, try sending emails to your favorite professors or advisors. Thank them for their time and for their impact on your undergrad education. These people were vital to your growth during college, and they often don’t get the thanks they deserve.

Coming to terms with finishing your college experience in this weird and unexpected way can be hard. In situations like this, however, we need to make the most of everything we can. So, celebrate this important time in these special ways; you deserve it.


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