By: Karell Roxas

It’s almost time for Halloween! And you love dressing up. Or you hate dressing up but your family or friends or next door neighbor really want you to dress up. Oh, and also you’re pregnant. 🤰🏽So what the heck are you supposed to be? 

Don’t sweat it, mama. We searched Instagram and Pinterest to find the cutest (and rather genius) maternity Halloween costumes:

Whether you’re 8 or 38 weeks pregnant, you’ll be sure to find some Halloween inspiration right here. Time to get spooky!

1.  Pop!

Image: @adrianne.wall

2. A Handmaid


3. God of Thunder

God of Thunder
Image: @chloeebisty

4. A Spare Rib

Skeleton mama
Image: @durhammamstyle_

5. A ‘Frozen’ Family

Frozen family
Image: @Kaitlynrembold

6.  A Mama Thing

Thing 1
Image: @trulyjuliechang + @940Life

7. Under Construction

Under construction
Image: @maureenaggie

8. What’s cooking?

baker mom
Image: @theempoweringmama

9.  Sweet Honeybear

Image: @xreneexnayx

10.  A Beach Ball

Beach ball
Image: @evans508

11.  Baby On Board

Baby on board
Image: @adrianne.wall

12.  A Monster Family

Monsters Inc.
Image: TheOverwhelmedMommy

13. Pumpkin Fun

Pumpkin fun
Image: @_sammibrooke

14.  Monster Fun

Image: @riri_dada

15.  Kool-Aid Smile

Image: @laxmilifestyle

16.  The Perfect Scoop

perfect scoop
Image: @karissamariie

17.  Mama Kangaroo

Mama Kangaroo
Image: @denny.d.dimcheva

18. Violet from Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka
Image: Angela Scheiderich

19. Mother Earth 

Mother earth
Image: Darian Davenport

20.  Concrete Evidence

Image: @haynespartyof4


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