The Covid-19 pandemic brings a whole different flavor to celebratory milestones such as graduation and the ever-important graduation party. Still, this important rite of passage in a graduate’s life still deserves recognition. Consider these Covid-19 graduation party ideas for fun and creative approaches to celebrate the next chapter in life.

Covid-19 Graduation Party Tips

Keep these important points in mind as you begin to think about Covid-19 graduation party ideas.

  • Make Connections.
  • Keep Everyone Safe.
  • Savor the Moment.
  • Embrace the Past, Look Forward to the Future.

As you plan the in-person or virtual party, don’t forget about making beautiful graduation announcements to spread the word about your grad’s achievements. These special photo announcements become keepsakes celebrating one of life’s greatest milestones.

Creative Covid-19 Graduation Party Ideas

Just because there’s a global pandemic doesn’t mean you should skip your graduation party. Get creative and consider how to shift your celebrating to pandemic-proof party options.

Graduation Live Stream

A party live stream allows you to share the most important moments live in real-time. Even if your friends and family can’t all be together, you can experience irreplaceable moments together creatively.

After the live stream, consider continuing the party with those who can’t make it in person.

Zoom Graduation Party

Set up a special time when loved ones can dial into a web conference for your Zoom graduation party. Have a set agenda in mind to keep the party vibe going. You may find a Zoom graduation party works well with a little interaction. Consider adding a game night component or a fun game about the graduate.

You can also share out a photo slideshow that showcases the grad’s special times. For an extra-special bonus, create a custom photo book to surprise the guest of honor!

Reverse Grad Parade

If social distancing is among your priorities, a reverse graduation parade could be a fine choice as a graduation celebration. Map out the homes of local family and friends and do a drive-by to those special destinations.

Graduation Drive-By Parade

Alternatively, you could invite important people in your lives to a drive-by parade that goes by your house. Decorate your front lawn with giant celebration yard signs and lawn decorations. Take lots of pictures you can later use to document the occasion in a simply elegant photo book!

Outdoor Grad Tailgate or Barbecue

If you’re comfortable with an in-person party, plan one outside! You can have a fun barbecue graduation party or a tailgate-style shindig. Work out the logistics of the guestlist for everyone’s safety. Once you have a headcount, you can set up areas spaced six feet apart for safer socializing.

Personalized Covid-19 Graduation Party Ideas

Once you decide which of the Covid-19 party ideas works best for your family, take some time to organize the details. Create stunning party invitations to invite your friends and family to a special celebration for the accomplished grad. Be sure to personalize the invitations with a photo of the graduate and any necessary details for the party. The keys to a successful party are connections, personal details, and safety!


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