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The world has a long way to go in gender equality. While we might have a lot to improve when it comes to women rights, women on Reddit are sharing positive things from their cultures and countries that make them proud.

1. “I’m a Canadian. We get a year or a year and half paid maternity benefits.”- HailTheCrimsonKing

2. “Scotland. Free period products.”- G_the_mini_amazing

3. “I’m a Brazilian. We get 4 months paid maternity leave, and everyone gets 30 vacation days a year.”- msstark

5. “In Bulgaria we have 410 days maternity leave, 45 of which come before birth.”- Portocalopita

7. “I’m French and we can have free abortions, free contraceptive pills or other contraceptive things for free. And since 2013 we are free to wear pants in public areas haha and this is not a joke.”- jamichou

9. “I’m French. On top of very good maternity leave and generally excellent vacation day off, we are a country with an excellent rate of employment of women thanks to daycare/public schools.”- smolbibeans

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10. Scotland! It’s a criminal offense to discriminate against breastfeeding women and interrupt the process.- lassify

11. “Spain. Women don’t (and never have had to) take their husband’s surname when they marry. Children take the first surname of each parent in whichever order the parents decide.”- tskmsk

12. “In Korea, most parking garages are brightly lit with dozens of security cameras and they have designated parking spots for women to make them feel safer.”- pinkbicycleboi

13. “In China, mothers get 6-12 months fully paid maternity leave, depending on the region. Employers can’t fire pregnant women.”- anon-ny-mous

15. “New Zealand: paid maternity leave, paid bereavement leave after a miscarriage, free drs and healthcare while pregnant. Abortions are free and decriminalised. Contraception is subsidised.”- BU33LE5

16. “India. Paid maternity leave. 6 weeks leave after miscarriage.”- aragog666

17. “Vietnam: We have 2 separate holidays to celebrate women.”- kamipsycho

18. “The Netherlands: free birth control if you’re under 21 and free abortions.”- skorletun

19. “Chile. We have pre-natal leave, I think 4 weeks before the due date and maternity leave until the baby is 5.5 months. You can’t be fired until the baby is 2 years old and get to get out of work one hour earlier for the same time.”- aniang

Despite all the negativity and bad things, these responses are making us proud.



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