Happy New Year! With so much news content being published each day on gc4women.org, we have decided to start a new “Weekend Reads” tradition to keep you informed and connected to the resources to improve your life and business. 

The following are top reads and trending topics on GC4W news:

1. State Of California Signs Equal Pay Pledge


Studies estimate that California women lose $87 billion per year due to the gender wage gap. Today, the State of California took a step to reduce that staggering number by signing the California Equal Pay Pledge, an initiative launched by California’s First Partner, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, to close the gender pay gap. California Governor Gavin Newsom also announced the creation of a new chief equity officer position to bring an equity perspective to the state’s hiring and to help achieve pay parity among government workers.

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2. How Successful Women Get Promoted To Executives

Enter: Stacy Mayer. Mayer is a certified executive coach who helps powerhouse women finally get the recognition they deserve and is author of the new book, Promotions Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Executive Suite.

Hailing from a high-stress hedge fund background, Mayer knows what it’s like to want to advance your career without burning out, yet wonder why you’re still under-appreciated and underpaid.

In this interview, Mayer discusses strategies female professionals can use to land their next promotion, and the one after that.

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3. What Parents Need to Know About Filing Taxes in 2022

Although the filing date may be returning to normal, there were a lot of abnormalities in filing this year, and now more than ever you should get things in early to avoid heavy delays. Whether you’ve had a new baby or started paying for preschool, there are increased credits and deductions exclusive to this year that can benefit you as a parent. 

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4. Heineken CEO Succeeds in a Male-Dominated Industry

For the latest episode of Comparably and Entrepreneur’s Leadership Lessons series, I spoke with a woman who is shattering the glass ceiling of an industry dominated by men, Maggie Timoney of Heineken USA — the nation’s leading high-end beer importer and a subsidiary of Heineken N.V. From a single brewery in Amsterdam nearly 150 years ago, Heineken has grown into a global business. In 1933, it became the first imported beer to re-enter the U.S. market after Prohibition, and today the company employs 400 people across the U.S.

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