Jennifer Cohen wants us to be smarter, faster, stronger, and more resilient. Like the best physical trainers in the world, she knows that you have to learn better techniques and develop more effective habits to level up quickly. That’s why she started the hit podcast, Habits & HustleFrom Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty, Chelsea Handler to Mel Robbins, Jennifer seeks out the best of the best and deep dives into the tips, tricks, mindsets and origin stories that got them there.

Starting in the fitness world, Cohen learned that those same steps to become stronger, faster, and more resilient in the gym carried over into business. The discipline to consistently push to small wins develops new, better habits and ultimately achieves measurable results.

Cohen believes curiosity and action are vital to achieving your most lofty goals for a fulfilling, rich life. As such, core to her podcast is her unique ability to listen intently and ask meaningful questions to extract her guests’ “secret sauce,” those little techniques, habits, quirks, beliefs, systems and behaviors that helped drive others to success.

Cohen has leveraged her Habits & Hustle podcast platform to gain access to extraordinary people from across the spectrum, from the best sleep, mindset, happiness, and sex doctors to renowned entrepreneurs and rocket scientists. Cohen has the unique ability to simplify and distill their good ideas to share and teach us good habits – ones that stick — so we can perform at our best.

Cohen shares these tips for those who are starting their transformational journey:

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail

Regular physical exercise and a healthy diet fuel a strong body, clear mind, and increased confidence. The busier you are, the harder this gets, so be strategic and don’t allow poor planning to detour your results.

Discipline and delayed gratification

The best thing Cohen achieved from her fitness background is the habit of discipline and practicing delayed gratification. Cohen states that the critical piece of success is discipline and essential for your overall success in business and life.

Goal setting: Your only competition is yourself

Just as you set fitness goals for your body, you should be setting performance goals for your business, having the discipline to work for your goals and course-correct when needed. And just like people, every business is different, so while it’s helpful to see others’ successes as inspiration, measure your success against your own goals.

The importance of a solid morning and night routine

This is how you optimize your potential. It keeps you on point and productive. It’s challenging to perform at your best when you have a lousy night. Make sleep a priority.

Celebrate small wins and know hard work pays off

It takes ten years to become an overnight success. People like to look at the glory but don’t consider the amount of hard work and failure to get there. Just like in the gym – consistent, small wins build the most robust bodies – and so in business, you need to celebrate the small triumphs and milestones.

Take care of your financial health

Financial health is an essential pillar of mental health and a requirement for creating and maintaining a successful business. You need to manage and care for your financial wellbeing, just like your physical health. When financial stress is reduced or eliminated, it will have less impact on emotional and physical health. Having strong financial management skills in business help you create a successful business and keeps you fiscally healthy.

The bottom line is that a healthy body fuels a healthy mind, and a healthy leader fuels a successful business. Business owners must have a 360 approach to their wellness and make fitness – in all sense of the word – at the forefront of their routine for achieving business goals.

Source: Melissa Houston

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