Kendra Scott Says Mother’s Day Should Be a Corporate Holiday

Kendra Scott is giving her 2,600 employees the Monday after Mother’s Day off. Here’s why she says other companies should, too.

For many moms, Mother’s Day isn’t exactly the most relaxing of days. Getting to sleep in and having breakfast in bed is wonderful and all, but oftentimes Sunday household chores, kid activities and other family duties await the remainder of the day. The global pandemic, of course, has made juggling a career and family life even more difficult.

It’s part of the reason why jewelry mogul Kendra Scott is giving her 2,600 employees the Monday after Mother’s Day off, or giving them paid time and a half for their hours worked on Sunday. Scott believes other companies should do the same.

Scott, who founded her company in 2002 with just $500 when her son was 3 months old, chatted with Know Your Value about the initiative and gave her best advice to working moms who feel like their companies aren’t supporting them.

Below is the conversation, which has been edited for brevity and clarity:

Know Your Value: You’ve decided to make the day after Mother’s Day a paid holiday for your employees. Why now?

Kendra Scott: Over the past 20 years, we have worked to create and maintain a company culture built on the core pillars of Family, Fashion & Philanthropy. These pillars continue to inform every decision we make as a brand. We believe our Kendra Scott family deserves to feel supported, celebrated, and successful in all aspects of their life, both at work and at home. We encourage flexibility to ensure work-life harmony – I have been known to push employees out the door, so they do not miss their kid’s soccer game or dance recital! As a company comprised of 96 percent women, including many working moms, implementing this annual corporate holiday is the perfect way we can encourage our employees to take the time for themselves.

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At Kendra Scott, we recognize that a mother can be defined in many ways – whether that be a parent, spouse, dog mom, or friend; honoring Mother’s Day as an annual corporate holiday is inclusive for all our employees. We want everyone to celebrate the day however they choose, whether spending more time with loved ones, honoring their parental figures, or taking quality time for themselves …

Know Your Value: Tell us about your experience celebrating Mother’s Day on a Sunday with your children! Do you find that it’s a relaxing day?

Scott: It can be a little chaotic but in the best way! This year, we’ll be celebrating as a blended family of eight, comprised of myself, my husband, and our six children. I love being out in nature, so any Mother’s Day where I can have my family and enjoy the outdoors by riding horses or gardening – with no cell phones – is the perfect day for me.

Know Your Value: Why do you feel like moms need an additional day off, and what do you hope your employees do with this time?

Scott: As a working mom myself, I understand the challenges of balancing your career and family. Although there is no perfect formula for juggling the two, I’ve learned that it’s knowing when to be present for your children and knowing when to be present in the workplace. But it’s not easy, and the pandemic impacted many working moms by forcing them to balance work while also adapting to homeschooling and childcare constraints.

My goal through our initiative is to continue to create a workplace that caters to the women who are constantly showing up and driving our company. It is a way to recognize them, empathize with them, and give them a day off to do as they please! I hope they take the day to do whatever they want – take a nap, get a massage, spend time with their families – the choice is theirs!

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Know Your Value: Why do you think other companies should follow suit, and what are the biggest challenges standing in the way?

Scott: I think companies should follow suit because this is a bold way to tell mothers and all parental figures in your company, “we see you!” Time is our most valuable resource, and we know how rare it is to pause and take time for yourself as you navigate life, work, and family. Logistically, we knew we had to sort through details internally as we have employees across multiple states that service in different capacities in our Home Office, Distribution Center, or Retail Stores. Whether your company has eight or 8,000 employees, I hope like-minded brands will join us in this effort to allow our employees to “Take the Time” in a way that is most meaningful for them.

Know Your Value: Do you have any actionable advice for working moms who feel like their companies aren’t supporting them?

Scott: I encourage you to turn to your leaders and voice your concerns. Having those honest dialogues, especially as women, often changes the conversation into a meaningful and impactful one. Your colleagues are likely battling the same issues, and it just takes one voice to start to create change! As leaders, we must recognize that when we foster an environment where our employees feel seen and heard, it can truly transform the workplace.



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