Karlie Kloss Melds Her Love For Wellness And Tech

By Valentina Di Donato

Karlie Kloss, model, mother, and entrepreneur has been pursuing her many ventures through the lens of balance. Throughout her career, she has juggled jet-setting around the world for designer campaigns, her ventures in tech with her program Kode with Klossy which allows young women to access learning opportunities in the coding and tech world. These worlds may appear divergent, but Kloss has been harnessing homeostasis in the beauty wellness and tech space for some time.

Last year, Kloss became an investor in Therabody, a wellness tech brand and now she is deepening her relationship with the brand as an ambassador. “I was attracted to working with Therabody because I believe in what they’re doing, and how they are democratizing access to wellness technologies through their products and services,” says Kloss.

In 2008, Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder of Therabody and chiropractor created Theragun, the brand’s hero product, launching an entirely new category. “We started this space, and it wasn’t easy. From 2008 to 2018, I started the massage gun space but I wasn’t doing it on purpose.” By gathering a large amount of data working with clients to understand what worked and made them feel better and from his journey to healing after a traumatizing motorcycle accident, the line was born out of need.

The body’s goal is always to find homeostasis, to find balance. “The exchange of energy between the percussive force on your body, that exchange is the therapy,” says Wersland.

“Everything Therabody does, from product creation to education, is backed by science and research. They put so much thought into making sure their products and services are both innovative and effective, and that’s what sets them apart,” says Kloss.

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In the incredibly saturated health and wellness market, finding effective products is what Kloss looks for, she is an angel investor in over a dozen companies in the wellness, tech, and fashion spaces. To edit through what brands are worth investing in takes foresight and focus, but most importantly must solve a real problem, “Therabody’s line of curated products fit so authentically into my holistic beauty and wellness routine. While the pneumatic compression technology helps me recover physically, making time to use the products also creates a moment of rest during my day. Having access to the technology of this caliber without sacrificing convenience and results, even on my busiest days, is something that I value tremendously,” she says.

Therabody’s line may be best known for the Theragun that launched a bevy of imitations, but the brand now has so many products that solve specific issues. “What I love most about Therabody’s ecosystem of products is that there is a device for every moment of your day. As a mom, a model, and a businesswoman, I am constantly on the go and on my feet. I also love to run, work out, and be active, so because I ask a lot of my body, I do my best to give myself a chance to rest and recover daily.”

Balancing life in heels, preferably Carolina Herrera ones like Kloss dons in her latest campaign ad, has her find solace in the less fashionable, but luxuriously replenishing RecoveryAir JetBoots “after a long day on my feet I love to use RecoveryAir JetBoots because it requires me to sit down and relax while also recovering.”

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