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Overcoming Fears of Blended Families Post-Divorce

Here’s How I’m Overcoming My Fear of Blended Families Post-Divorce Like many other Black women, I was afraid to remarry and create a blended family after my divorce. Therapy and self-reflection have helped me heal and overcome my fears. By Elizabeth Ayoola “I’m never getting married again, I’m never living with a man again, and I’m never having another child” were…

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8 Best Co-Parenting Apps to Download After Divorce

8 Best Co-Parenting Apps to Download After Divorce We can’t wave a magic wand and make your shared parenting situation completely stress-free, but we can recommend these co-parenting apps that streamline family calendars, schedules, and communication. By Claire Gillespie The best app for co-parenting depends on your family’s needs and wants. Perhaps you want a shared tool to improve communication and…

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