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How to Better Care for Your Employees’ Mental Health

How to Build a Healthier Workplace by Prioritizing Mental Health Here are a few tips to help leaders take better care of their employees’ mental health. By Ibi Montesino The mark of a good leader is not how well she or he navigates the good times, as that is easy. It’s during the tough times that leaders demonstrate and instill confidence that their…

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GC4W honors “BEST Company for Employee Well-Being”.

GC4W honors two companies as “BEST Company for Employee Well-Being”at the GC4W Wellness Week Meetup Event. Congratulations to Kinesso, IPG and Kendra Scott on being named the BEST Company for Employee Well-Being in recognition for your profound dedication to improving the well-being of your employees. On the concluding day of the GC4W Wellness Week Experience, GC4W honors Kinesso, IPG, and Kendra Scott with the award…

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