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Probiotics, Why All the Buzz for Gut Health

Probiotics Get All the Buzz, but This Unsung Hero May Be More Effective for Gut Health  By KATHERINE CHANG  While many factors can make the difference between a happy gut and one that gives you major digestive drama, probiotics have gotten all the glitz and glory for boosting gut health. But there’s an unsung hero of balancing the gut microbiome that counts benefits such…

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Can Proboitics Help Manage the Symptoms of Menopause?

Can Probiotics Help Manage the Symptoms of Menopause? By Novella Lui, RD, MHSc Medically reviewed by Stacy A. Henigsman, DO Probiotics may help ease menopausal symptoms and regulate body weight, but their effectiveness remains controversial. Menopause can be a challenging time for some people. Many people experience hot flashes, night sweats, and other symptoms alongside physical changes such as weight…

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