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Focus Rituals Can Help You Combat Distractions

By Kara Cutruzzula You can’t put a price tag on your ability to focus. If someone offered me a thousand bucks, but in exchange, they had an on/off switch that controlled my focus—and therefore my ability to get anything done—I’d have to say “thanks, but nah.” Focusing is that important. It’s what sees you through doing your mindless chores, tackling a big project,…

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Prevent Procrastination With These Apps

There are so many amazing apps to help combat procrastination. By Brianna Astorga Do you find yourself being fully aware of your multiple deadlines coming up and still not starting your assignments? Maybe you find yourself thinking that you can just start them later. When “later” comes, you tell yourself that you’ll get started tomorrow. Before you know it, you have…

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