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What Kindergarten Teachers Want Parents to Know About Pandemic School

By: Lambeth Hochwald It’s not easy to be a kindergarten student—or the parent of a kindergartner—right now. There’s the masks to be worn, social distancing rules to be followed and the upside-down day-to-day rollercoaster of life in a pandemic, which might even include zigzagging to school one day and staying home and learning virtually the other. All the more reason we want to be there to help…

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Top 5 Ways to Survive Virtual Classrooms

Top 5 Ways to Survive Virtual Classrooms

We asked a group of productive and brilliant high school students to share some insights on how they are surviving the transition to a virtual classroom. The following are their recommendations on the top 5 ways to survive virtual classrooms. 1. MAXIMIZE PRODUCTIVITY IN YOUR VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS My best advice for high school students to maximize productivity in virtual classrooms…