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Women Lead in Government, Law, Tourism, & Activism

Women Lead in Government, Law, Tourism, & Activism By Anna Latek This month, The State Journal is focusing on the ever-expanding roles of women in leadership in anticipation of Frankfort’s celebration of Women’s Equality Day on Aug. 27. Each week, the newspaper will profile extraordinary women in several categories; business, education and this week we are profiling four women who…

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How This Woman Went From A Theater Camp Counselor To A Social Justice Activist

BY MADISON FELLER Brittany Packnett Cunningham wasn’t looking for the fame that sometimes comes with being an activist in 2020. She started her career as an educator who took a senior role at Teach for America in her mid-20s. Then in 2014, after a police officer killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, Packnett Cunningham gained recognition as one of the organizers of the Ferguson protests.…

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