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L’Oréal has partnered up with UNESCO in their new “For Women in Science” program to generate more women involvement within the field of science. Every year, five young women researchers are awarded the L’Oréal-UNESCO Award, which provides vital resources in the most crucial parts of their research.

For Women in Science” brings visibility to chosen awardees, helps fund their research, and provides resources from L’Oréal’s many internationally based facilities. In addition to helping each of these individuals, the program also appeals to the younger generation of women, by showing them the amazing aspects of science based careers through these distinguished women leading their fields.

With just 30% of researchers being women, through this program L’Oréal hopes to embed a positive and empowering image of women scientists, so that the future of the field sees greater women advancement.

Partnering up with UNESCO interconnects several goals associated with women empowerment. STEM careers are prone to gender inequality all throughout the world. Implementing change is an adamant goal of UNESCO, ergo a partnership with L’Oréal, the world’s largest leading cosmetic company helps make the mission even more probable.

L’Oréal has established itself as a brand within 130 different countries and hopes to use this as an advantage in promoting gender equality throughout the world. The program will have aided over 2000 women scientists in their careers by the end of 2014.

GC4W is proud to promote amazing opportunities that encourage young women to pursue their dream. Education and perseverance is key in truncating gender inequality and producing more successful women in all career fields.

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Visit L’Oréal to learn more about the “For Women in Science” program and meet the 2014 International fellowship recipients.

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