Finding inspiration on “House of DVF” with Diane von Furstenburg.

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With just 3 episodes into “House of DVF,” a new reality series on E! tension mounts as the 7 girls remaining on the show battles for the position of “DVF Global Brand Ambassador.” This opportunity affords one of these beautiful, yet regular young women – a chance to travel the world and to ultimately become the face of the DVF brand.

There is something tremendously inspiring about watching how Diane von Furstenberg relives her story through the girls – for she is absolutely committed to providing a remarkable transformation that would ensure their success beyond the show.

“Love. Be curious. Always try to do your best.” ~ Diane von Furstenberg

From very start of the show, we are faced with some of the complexities of the millennial generation’s addiction to their phones, social media and their deep sense of entitlement. When it came time to eliminate the very first two girls on the show, Diane urges the girls to become aware of their environment, learn the generosity of the heart and to become humble.

Diane von Furstenburg
Diane von Furstenburg


“Love is about relationships, yet the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Who else is with you at all times?” ~ Diane von Furstenberg

The DVF brand celebrates freedom, women empowerment and it sells confidence.
The assignments were carefully chosen to not only allow the girls to showcase their talents, but to give them a sense of confidence and the freedom to create.

“I owe everything to that little dress: my independence, Cloudwalk, my children’s education, the trips we took, the donations I make, the Bentley I drive, my place in fashion history — it all comes from that one little dress.” ~ Diane von Furstenberg

Diane encourages the girls to think passionately about what they hoped to become in the future as one of the contestant professed that she only wants to become a stylist.

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About Diane von Furstenberg: Diane von Furstenberg is an author and her latest book is titled “The Women I Wanted to be.” She was formerly the Princess Diane of Furstenberg, a Belgian-born American fashion designer – best known for her iconic wrap dress. Diane was listed on Forbes as the Most Powerful Woman in Fashion and among the Most Powerful Women in the World. There are 106 DVF stores in 56 countries and this year, the brand is celebrating 40years of the iconic wrap dress.

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