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Jane Harris

Jane Harris is a Working Mom and the Creative Director of The Virgin Hair Fantasy (TvHf). Unsatisfied with the quality of products for her personal hair needs, Harris was determined to build a business that meets that beauty needs of those like her, she started “The Virgin Hair Fantasy”, an Atlanta-based business that develops and sells wigs, hair extensions, and hair care products via the company website.

Harris, who launched the company in 2010 with her husband, Ed, aims to create “the most natural-looking wigs on the market”, Jane said. She reaches out to those, like her, who believe that “hair is the most important accessory”.


Q: What Has Been Your Greatest Challenge?

Carving a niche in the beauty business has been a challenge, so we built a product that so many need, said Jane. The Virgin Hair Fantasy provides customized wigs, with all customers receiving a personalized one-on-one phone consultation to achieve the best fit and style.

The idea for the business started when Jane constructed a wig just for herself. She took photos and shared them with her friends, who showed tremendous interest. “The response and interest we got from my pics was so inspiring, so we decided to start a business,” she said. Four years later, the company continues to thrive, with customers from China to Nigeria inquiring about the products.

TvHf New Product Launch
TvHf New Hair Products Line

Q: What Training Has Helped You Grow Your Business?

“My early marketing classes are the basis of the blueprint we use for the business to this day, said Jane, an American InterContinental University alumna. As a marketing and management major, she found the marketing classes “life-changing”. I realized that the sky is the limit when you combine a great product with great marketing skills.

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Q: Who Was Your Mentor? Who Have You Mentored?

My mother is my biggest mentor. She continues to evolve, and she never quits. I can’t wait to mentor someone!

Her mother, Uwaila Oriakhi, has been in the retail industry since she started her own business at age 25. Most importantly, Jane was inspired by her mother’s ability to learn from her failures in the business world. “It was her bounce back from failures that intrigued me. She never gave up and always valued herself,” she said.

Uwaila imbued her five daughters with her strong values and work ethic, and Jane said she hopes to pass them on to her two daughters.

Q: What Are the Future Plans for Your Business?

We launched a global tour and taking our collection of wigs on the road,” she said, noting the universal quality of her product. “Our wigs can be used all over the world.” Jane, a native of Nigeria, promotes most of her products among a robust customer base in West Africa through Facebook and word-of-mouth.

Next October, Jane and Ed will participate as vendors at the upcoming GC4W Working Mom Expo. She said she looks forward to reaching new customers and connecting with other working moms! For more information, visit the website at www.thevirginhairfantasy.com.

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