“Whoever decides to dedicate their life to politics knows that earning money isn’t the top priority.”~ Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

Summary: Angela Merkel is now into her third term in office (and will soon be running for her fourth), and it has a historical dimension – not just because she is at the zenith of her power, but because Konrad Adenauer is the only chancellor before her to have had such a strong standing after a similar amount of time in office. Helmut Kohl and Helmut Schmidt came close, but neither were in as strong a position as she is at such a late stage in their chancellor ships. She will go down in German and European history as a leader with a huge amount of staying power at the very least and as someone with some historic achievements to her name at best – particularly if she manages to save the euro.

Nationality: German

Industry: Politics

Q: One year ago, euphoria and a welcome culture prevailed. Now this is superseded by a deep skepticism. Why do you think this is? on marieclaire.com

A: In politics, there are always decisions that one has to make without carrying out an opinion poll first. With the results of our work, of course I hope to, in the long term, convince as many people as possible that our way is the right one. Incidentally, when I ask about the retirement age of 67, I still have no majority today, even though it remains an appropriate and necessary measure.