Sana Akibu (aka Sana Kibz) is a model, TV Star, Fashion & Lifestyle influencer and beauty content creator in New York City specializing in natural skincare. Sana has held positions in many areas of the beauty industry and has worked with BET, Maybelline, Seventeen Magazine, Macys, Refinary29, and many others. She currently operates a natural skincare line, and stars in WEtv‘s new hit TV show “Hustle & Soul.
Sana Akibu was named Global Ambassador for the Global Connections for Women Foundation. 
We met up with Sana Akibu to ask the following questions:
GC4W: Why does women empowerment and gender equality matter to you?
Sana: Women empowerment matters to me because we have always been taught for many years that we do not equate to men and we should focus our talents on creating households instead of nurturing our own growth first. Although it is super important to care for the wellbeing of our partners and children, we as women must also learn to uplift eachother and challenge ourselves to be as good or better than our counterparts. Empowering women and young girls has always been a way for me to connect with other likeminded individuals, while pushing women and young girls to pursue their passions and gain control of their lives. 
GC4W: Who are your female hero(es) and why?
Sana: My female hero is my mother. I chose my mother because she has taught me resilence, strength, independence, and faith. I have witnessed my mom take on challenges that would break many people, yet she has always persevered and was able to safeguard a household of 6 as a single mother. As I get older I realize how much she sacrificed to put us first, and to teach us the values we live on today. My mother had many opportunities to give up on herself; however she chose to go through the struggle as both mother and father to ensure that we grew up with principles, respect, a roof over our heads and a strong faith in God. That is why my mother will always be my shero!
GC4W: What advice would you give your 40 years old self?
Sana: Be patient. The God you serve has never forsakened you and will never put you to shame. Always remember why you started and who you do it for. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit — but most importanly enrich your heart for evertyhing starts from there. You are capable of doing anything you put your mind to and hard work towards. Those that matter will never mind you being who you are so be content in your true self. You are loved, you are valued, and you are a light in darkness. Continue taking care of your home, your husband, your skin :), and your soul. Everything you want to become is on the other side of fear, so take hold of your faith and understand His grace is sufficient.
You can find her on social media at: @SanaKibz.