Supermodel Natalia Vodianova interviews Maria Borges, Angolan model and Forbes Africa Magazine’s top model of 2013, as part of “Let’s talk about it. Period” campaign on Flo. The campaign is aimed at ending the stigma with periods. Let’s talk about periods. 

Supermodel Maria Borges talks about periods and how it has impacted her life, her career, and who has helped her through this experience. Her sister was a major influence and came to her aid when she had her first period, and she helped her ease her initial nervousness. In dealing with cramps, her sister advised her to drink water, lie down and relax. When Vodianova asked the question, “What do you do about your period at work or doing a photoshoot?” Borges says that she still follows her sisters advice, and she takes a quick break for herself and lays down.

“Everything I know… I know from her”

Growing up in Angola without a mother or a father to teach her about this part of life, her sister became the mother-figure, who guided her through these natural changes. Her sister explained to her how wonderful these changes are and how amazing and beautiful it is to become a woman.

“I feel like woman are special and I feel that men recognize that without us they will never be even alive… so they know we conquer the world… women have the power”

Periods are a normal part of a woman’s life, so there should not be a stigma associated with it. Being able to comfortably talk about periods will help young girls going through this natural process be more at ease with these changes. Having influential women like Maria Borges and Natalia Vodianova comfortably talk about their experiences with their periods and how it has impacted their lives, is a step forward to removing the stigma.

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