Sometimes that first hour of being awake has so much influence on your attitude the rest of the day that when you don’t start it off right, your entire day can go downhill. However, a relaxing morning routine that wakes you up and makes you excited to start the day can help immensely. With these little changes to your morning routine, you will enjoy your mornings more and feel ready to conquer the day ahead.

1. Meditate

Although it seems like a fad at this point, it can honestly improve your health and better your mornings. Meditation can help manage you anxiety better with breathing exercises that can bring your mind back to a good place when it’s gone haywire. On top of that, you have this sense of calm as you go through the rest of your morning. You do it for five minutes right when you get up, sitting on the edge of your bed. Everyone has five minutes to spare.

2. Mindful skincare

Serums/eye creams/moisturizer/SPF that you apply on your face when you wake up can be just what you need to relax and care for yourself in the morning. Sometimes just silence in the bathroom is relaxing. When you do get those silent moments, you can take your time and really soak in the feeling of the cool creams on your face, the soothing smells – it’s like a mini face massage. A skincare routine for your morning can wake you up and help you get some self-care in each day.

3. Walk to work

With you favorite podcast on, a 30 minute walk outside can be a nice way to get the blood flowing, squeeze in some extra exercise, and also ease your mind into the day. Although not everyone has the luxury of living close to work, you can squeeze in a 10 minute walk to grab coffee, or walk to the train instead of taking the bus as well. There has to be somewhere you can walk for a bit, right?!


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