Adweek’s Executive Mentor Program connects senior-level marketers with some of the world’s top CMOs, CBOs, CEOs, Chief D&I Officers, Chief Creative Officers, and more to help shape the next generation of marketing leaders.

In partnership with Anheuser-Busch InBev, Facebook, and Verizon, Adweek has announced that it is back with the Adweek Executive Mentor Program with double the number of mentors. More than 230 exceptional marketing leaders have volunteered to serve as a mentor to emerging marketing leaders, helping them with decision points and skills’ polishing as they evaluate their path to the C-Suite.

This Mentor program was born from the commitment of the Adweek D&I Council as a major industry action to accelerate diversity in all leadership positions. It is all-inclusive with extra emphasis in helping groups who are most in need, connecting mentees with mentors through a qualitative pitch competition. Diversity, inclusion, equality, and equity are fundamental growth drivers for all businesses. To Adweek, it is critically important that they not lose sight of those principles, hence they have opened the program and asked everyone to be a part of the solution.


A pitch competition will be held for interested mentees (mid-senior executive marketers) to earn time with one of our executive mentors. Adweek will qualitatively evaluate every pitch and assign the strongest pitch for each mentor based on the merit of submission. If chosen, the mentee earns two 30-minute phone calls with their mentor and Adweek will help prepare both the mentee and the mentor for success.

Mentee Qualifications:

Click here for more information, to get to know the mentors and submit your pitch by April 30, 2020.

Source – Adweek & Adweek LinkedIn

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