Lilian Ajayi Ore’s Latest Podcast Interview on What Do You Believe Media.

Lilian Ore Discusses How She Leads From Her Heart. Speaker, Educator, Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W) Founder and CEO, Lilian Ore’s experience and knowledge goes beyond her resume. Her magic lies in how she operates with intention and love for people and her work. Get ready to be inspired by this force of nature.

Former advertising executive and transformational life coach, Andréa Marcucci launched “What Do You Believe” Podcast in December 2019. Her extensive background in traditional media, allowed for a smooth transition into the relatively new platform of podcasting. The selection criteria for each guest are based on their desire to be of service to others through their activism, humanitarian work thereby inspiring others to activate themselves.

“My latest podcast interview on What Do You Believe Media LLC. was released on a very special day, and I am both honored and humbled. Thank you, Andréa Marcucci and Francesca Vuillemin, for an inspiring time” said Lilian.

By beginning her podcast with the question “What Do You Believe” Andréa Marcucci is able to steer the conversation into a beautiful exchange with her guests creating compelling and shareable content. The multidisciplinary subjects are structured to provide practical knowledge delivered with the ethos of inclusivity to empower listeners. “What Do You Believe Podcast” can be found on Apple and Spotify.