GC4W University Webinar: Leading an Inclusive Business Culture

The GC4W University Webinar Series is an exciting opportunity for you to learn new skills and tactics from leading industry experts on how to successfully grow your business and create an inclusive culture. Join us on Friday, July 24th at 12:30 pm EST for our upcoming GC4W University Webinar:Leading an Inclusive Business Culture.  Learn from our guest speaker, Dr. Towanna Burrous, President of CoachDiversity Institute, on how to become an inclusive leader, how to build and promote an inclusive business culture and how to apply the seven pillars of inclusion to your career. Dr. Towanna Burrous is a best-selling author, trainer and an ICF professional certified coach (PCC) based in Washington, DC. As a much sought after executive coach, Towanna’s mission is to empower diverse communities through executive and leadership coaching. Her role is to test, re-test, and ultimately drive the organization’s overarching vision, strategy, and tactical direction. 

CoachDiversity Institute offers the world’s first coaching program specifically designed for diverse communities and preparing individuals, communities, and institutions for rapid demographic change and culturally sound communication. The CoachDiversity team delivers training and curriculum for to-be coaches and customized diversity and leadership programs for corporate and individual clients.

Space is limited, so make sure to register for this insightful event at gc4women.org/webinar. We look forward to your attendance! 

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