GC4W University Webinar-Own Your Power and Purpose

The GC4W University Webinar Series is an exciting opportunity for you to learn new skills and leadership tactics from successful entrepreneurs and leading practitioners on more ways to create a successful sustainable business, to rediscover your personal strength, and to increase your growth potential. 

About the gc4w university upcoming webinar:

The Own Your Power and Purpose webinar with the Carolyn Bankston will cover the following topics: 

  • ✔️ Learn what it means to own your power
  • ✔️Learn the connection between mental health and self-confidence
  • ✔️Learn the differences between true victimization and living as a “victim”
  • ✔️Learn how to identify roadblocks and move forward to a successful life

About guest speaker: 

Carolyn Bankston, LCSW is a leading Psychoanalytic, Psychotherapist, and International lecturer in practice for twenty-one years. Carolyn’s breadth of work extends across a diverse and vast clinical population. She has worked with teens in the juvenile justice system and victims of domestic violence. Her current clients are those who function at a higher level but struggle to maintain intimate relationships, general stability in life, and to find fulfillment. Carolyn has been featured in publications such as Reserved Magazine. During Covid-19, she was asked to be a guest on the Social Impact podcast What Do You Believe where she shared her brilliant insight on managing mental health during this unprecedented time. 

Carolyn Bankston was also invited as a guest on Haute Victoire for a discussion on the impact of Women’s health during Covid-19. Carolyn Bankston’s appreciation and support for creatives in the arts makes her an ideal guest for media publications and platforms. She has been invited to speak on various platforms on topics including self-confidence, women empowerment, and creating a dynamic and successful life. 

Carolyn sits on the board of the Global Connections for Women Foundation where she joins in creating programs to improve the mental health of female entrepreneurs and gc4w circle members. 

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