Celebrating the Children of the World.. Global Newborn Solutions and Global Connections for Women Celebrate World Children’s Day.

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Belmont, Massachusetts: On Prematurity Awareness Day, Global Newborn Solutions announced their first event celebrating World Children’s Day to be held on November 20th at 12:00 pm-1:30 pm EST. Global Newborn Solutions invites you to join world leaders and field professionals to discuss technology solutions, advocacy, and progress made to improve the lives of newborns. The goal of this event is to create a more engaged community dedicated to global newborn and maternal health, provide education on pressing issues in the field, and introduce the work of Global Newborn Solutions. This milestone is a major move for Global Newborn Solutions on its mission to address the most pressing components of newborn health and survival. 

“The world is relieved that generally, Covid-19 spares children from a serious illness. Yet children still need the world’s attention and help to continue making steady strides towards improved survival and outcomes,” says Anne Hansen, founder, and CEO at Global Newborn Solutions. “Join us on World Children’s Day to celebrate our youngest and learn about innovative solutions to the challenges they face.”

“Children are the future and it is important to protect them as neonatal,” said Dr. Lilian Ajayi-Ore, founder and CEO at Global Connections for Women. “The advancements in technology provide far greater ways to save their lives and the Global Newborn Solutions is a smart technology with a clear ease of application.”

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The World Children’s Day event [AH1] comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of Global Newborn Solutions, including:

  • Completion of the largest clinical trial for conduction infant warmers in resource-limited settings
  • Honorary Mention in the 2020 Patents for Humanity Awards from the US Patent and Trademark Office

To learn more about clinical trials, patent recognition, or events, visit www.globalnewborn.org.

About Global Newborn Solutions: Global Newborn Solutions is a nonprofit organizations that addresses the most pressing issues in newborn health and survival. The DreamWarmer is an award winning patented medical device: a safe, affordable, and reusable non-electric infant heating pad that can be used in the homes, health centers, and hospitals of low-resource societies. Their goal is to decrease the role of preventable causes of newborn morbidity and mortality, such as hypothermia. They recently finished the largest known study of a conduction mattress, spanning across 10 hospitals in Rwanda. 

About Global Connections for Women: The Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W) is an award-winning nonprofit organization headquartered in New York City, with a reach of over 3.5 million people worldwide. GC4W is one of the leading international nonprofits of the millennium in the areas of gender equality, women empowerment, and youth empowerment.