By Madeline Hislop

Earlier this month, a new radio station for women by women was launched, connecting female listeners with some of Australia’s most recognizable media personalities.

Headed up by long-time radio personality Jo Stanley, Broad Radio brings together a hilarious and intelligent team of broadcasters, including Angela Pippos, Anjali Rao, Bianca Chatfield, Kerrie Stanley, Kirsty Webeck, Shelley Ware and Zoe Daniel, to have the sorts of conversations that aren’t happening on commercial radio.

Livestreaming via Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn every week, Broad Radio brings deep conversations and news that matters to women, to the airwaves. It’s started as a one-hour live stream (that can also be viewed on demand at any time), and has plans to expand into longer hours, on more days.

As with most live radio, the audience can call in to contribute to the conversation, and the show will feature everyday women and their stories in its ‘Brilliant Broads’ segment.

“There definitely seems to be a market for the type of radio I want to produce,” Jo Stanley said ahead of Broad Radio’s launch.

“Many people are craving deeper conversations – ones about inspirational women and where we’re at in our lives – because they’re either living that life, or they want to learn more and support someone at that stage.

“They are wanting to hear from people of colour, of all abilities and all genders and that’s evident by the increasing number of people listening to podcasts on all sorts of topics.”

Former Australian netball player and media personality Bianca Chatfield, one of the show’s co-hosts, said Broad Radio is a place where she’s proud to be herself.

“In every way and conversation, I don’t have to hide, change or pretend. We get to discuss what’s happening in the world and not feel one ounce of judgement for believing or feeling the way we do,” she said.

“Oh and learning from so many, I know what I know, but it’s just so refreshing to hear from others who walk in different worlds and know you will walk away from the conversation learning something new and having huge admiration for another fabulous female living her passion.”

For comedian Kirsty Webeck, Broad Radio has created the opportunity and a platform for diverse voices to be heard in the Australian radio scene.

“It’s so exciting working alongside so many incredibly talented women, hearing their perspectives, learning from them and having plenty of laughs along the way,” she said.

“I’m really excited to share it with everyone and see where this all goes.” 

You can subscribe to Broad Radio on YouTube here and catch the show every Tuesday morning. Women’s Agenda has been partnering with Broad Radio and Jo Stanley on the She Did, You Can podcast.


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