Much has been said that, with the reform of the Federal Labor Law , as of January of this year, the home office or teleworking is not only recognized, but also regulated, which involves employers and employees in various aspects. same. But how can this affect women entrepreneurs in the current context?

According to Úrsula Quijano, Director of Strategy and Impact at Victoria147, “as entrepreneurs, it is our job to always be aware of the legal landscape, changes in regulations that may have a direct impact on our businesses, especially those related to collaborators ”.

Given this, Victoria147 shares these three points in which every business or undertaking should set its sights this year:

1. GO FORWARD: You have to have all the paperwork in order

One of the main modifications to the law is that now the home office or telework must be stipulated in the contracts (yes, also in the collective contracts and internal regulations), which applies to those workers who perform more than 40% of their workday at home.

Anticipate and detect those positions that – probably – even when the pandemic ends will continue in this modality. Get advice to be able to modify their contracts, because in these, the contact channels that they will have, schedules and payment of services must also be established.

2. OPTIMIZE: Do a double check of your expenses

One of the most controversial points of this reform to the law is that employers will now be responsible for the proportional payment of the services that the collaborator requires to perform, such as Internet and Wi-Fi. Although this is good news for all those who are employed, as entrepreneurs it should make us rethink what our operating expenses are and how we can do them to ensure these basic and necessary conditions for our talent.

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Start with those fixed expenses of having an establishment (you could even question your own need to have a premises or office). It is likely that you can reduce your own Internet plans or take advantage of the reduction in the use of electricity, water or cleaning to dedicate it to your collaborators.

3. RELAX: respect someone else’s home

If you were one of the entrepreneurs who considered micromanaging to be a healthy practice or you thought “it doesn’t matter, he’s at home”, it’s time to stop. The new reform to the law contemplates the right to privacy of employees and their “right to disconnect”; in addition to ensuring the balance in salaries, conditions and compensation of those workers who work in person and in telework mode.

Women entrepreneurs need the correct advice to avoid not only problems, but also to ensure that things are being done correctly; which will inevitably help your business grow.


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