Being a mom is a full-time job and balancing it with the role of an entrepreneur requires a certain discipline accompanied by the correct motivations, but here we tell you three determinants that can help you.

Being a mother does not have to exclude being an entrepreneur. Many mothers put their careers on hiatus or give up other dreams to dedicate themselves to raising their children. Others are helped by hiring babysitters and service personnel, but they are in the minority. However, despite the work of caring for children full time, many look for alternatives to create additional income and / or stay productive. The so-called mompreneurs are becoming more and more worldwide and have grown successful and innovative businesses without neglecting the family.

Although I personally do not have children and by nature I will never be a mother, if I come from a family in which my mother raised my brother and me while taking care of her businesses, which I admire a lot today. Now many years and a doctorate specializing in entrepreneurship, then I know about the determinants of entrepreneurial activity. Normally factors such as fear of failure, need or opportunity, previous experience in the industry, growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, among others, are among the most studied and common determinants, but little is specifically said about women entrepreneurs and women. moms specifically.

Mompreneurs are a growing phenomenon accompanied by cultural changes and family dynamics. It is no longer common for large families with three or more children where the father of the family went out to work to support the home. Now sometimes the income of a single person in the household is not enough, families are smaller and women are much more independent. Even without financial need they seek to keep working for various reasons.

The problem that entrepreneurial moms or mompreneurs face is that despite their personal desires to work or entrepreneurship, they simply may not have enough time or motivation if they do not receive adequate support. That is why in this article I seek to analyze three main determinants to be an entrepreneurial mom anywhere in the world.

1. Family dynamics

The home is where mothers spend the most time, so if the family dynamics with the husband and children is stressful and they do not receive support to carry out other housework, it can be decisive not to undertake. On the other hand, when you have the support in housework, financial and emotional, it can be the best source of inspiration. Sometimes outside of this nucleus is where you can find the supportive dynamic, that is, with your own mother, mother-in-law, siblings, etc.

Family dynamics can be very different in emerging countries compared to developed countries , in predominantly Muslim countries than in predominantly Catholic countries.

The important thing is to establish roles and activities in the family that each one is going to carry out to have agreements that do not affect the family dynamics, each one must fulfill their part. For entrepreneur moms, when you manage to demonstrate what the benefit of entrepreneurship is and that you are capable of doing it while you become a mother, you will feel satisfied and you will have grown, but take into account that if this brings conflicts to your relationship as a couple there are those who prefer not to undertake.

2. The cultural context

As mentioned previously, culture can be transferred to family dynamics when you are in contexts where religion has an important weight in daily activities. Traditions and customs are followed where sometimes it is not well seen that women work. What is relevant is that you can make use of these cultural conditions also to exploit market opportunities.

I am currently residing in Qatar, a country in the Middle East, where the rules of Islam dictate many of the customs and traditions despite being a country with 85% of the residents expatriates. In the United Arab Emirates the case is very similar, but with 90% of the expatriate population. For women, this cultural context may sound not very favorable, but the reality is that these are countries that have accepted that women work, drive, and be more independent in general. It depends a lot with who you are married to, but in the West as in Mexico it is common to have businesses at home. Even when migrating to the United States, take advantage of knowledge such as preparation of Mexican food to successfully undertake in different cultures.

I remember that I had the opportunity to interview a Qatari entrepreneur mom for a book that I wrote for HEC Paris about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Qatar, and she just commented that her husband has supported her at all times to pursue her entrepreneurship, without his support she would not have been able to do so and that among her friends she sees that the situation is changing favorably, with more freedom.

3. Support organizations

In any region of the world you will find organizations focused on supporting women. Whether they are for-profit or non-profit organizations, you will be able to access support networks and specialized services such as an incubation of the project and / or financing. Even governments in recent years have sought to promote support for women entrepreneurs through programs to encourage them to pursue the activity they always wanted to undertake.

These types of organizations can have a significant impact to start a business and support entrepreneur moms, but also migrants or people with or without resources. In particular that I am involved in these entrepreneurship issues, I know that there are even business incubators that make exclusive rounds for women to participate and obtain the programs and financing they offer. Some other organizations offer free seminars and trainings for these interested women’s groups as well.


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