How to Make the Most of Internship Opportunities

By Justin Sablich

Gaining relevant work experience through internships can go a long way toward finding a development job. But those who know how to get the most out of these opportunities will be better positioned to break into the sector with the right role.

In this edition of Career Hub, I’m sharing tips on finding and leveraging internships. Plus, you can explore the latest globaldev job openings in the effort to help Ukraine and across the sector at the U.S. Agency for International DevelopmentIslamic Relief Worldwide, and many more top organizations.

Internships are critical for embarking on a development career, but making the most of the experience is what really matters. Here are some tips to consider as you look for ways to get ahead in the sector, according to Kate Warren, Devex’s executive vice president:

Be selective. Seek out opportunities that can provide “really substantive, hands-on experience,” Warren says. She suggests looking for roles working in the field or on technical projects.

Prepare your pitch. Showing organizations how you can advance their mission through project-based work will make them more likely to bring you on board. Consider reaching out directly to department heads or staffers to find ways to contribute.

Grow your network. Make sure you are focused on not just the work at hand but also the networking advantages that come with these experiences. This will be valuable when looking for references or setting up informational interviews.


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