By Manicia Reneus

As a college student, it is important for us to prepare for test, midterms and finals. However, there is one thing that we tend to forget about and that is networking. Networking is connecting with other professional people that can share knowledge to further your career. Networking can be beneficial for anyone, no matter what profession they would like to go into. Here are 3 reasons why college students should network:

  1. Advice

Networking can help students get advice in the field that they are interested in.

When most students start their college career, they are taking prerequisites. Therefore, some students won’t gain knowledge about their careers right away. Despite of this, students can still learn about their careers outside of the classroom through networking.

Getting advice from people in the field of your interest can help you decide which path you may want to take and what you should do to start that path.

2. It Open Doors for Opportunities

Networking definitely open doors for internships or shadowing someone. We all know that cliché saying it’s not what you know it’s who you know. Well it’s true.

Today, we can get on a computer, look for internships or jobs, and apply.  Although, many people can get an opportunity this way I don’t think we should stop there. Attending events or creating a chance to be around professionals is a great way to put a face with a resume.

Also, you can ask questions about your field of interest. Those moments of obtaining knowledge can help you be a better at the position you want once you do land the opportunity.

3. Helps Build A Positive Circle

Networking with your peers is great as well. You can learn from your peers and they can encourage you when you don’t feel like doing something. You and your peers can be each other accountability  partners.

A group of positive peers can motivate you and make you feel like you are not alone in the process of building your career.

Happy Networking!