Summertime is the perfect time to hang up the apron and indulge in a simpler way of snackin’. Perfect for a summertime lunch, a lighter dinner or an afternoon poolside snack, we’ve gathered a few tempting (and oh, so easy!) summer snack boards that just might keep your kids coming back for more!

Check out these summer snack boards that are fun, easy, delicious and hearty enough to fill just about any summertime craving!

Build-Your-Own Taco and Quesadilla Board

You can have SO much fun with this board idea! Create variations that your family will love including a build-your-own taco salad board, a build-your-own breakfast burrito board or even a build-your-own Mexican board! 

Source: The Baker Mama

Hot Dog Snack Board

Perfect for lunch, dinner or an afternoon poolside snack, this hot dog snack board screams summer. Pop a few dogs on the grill and add your favorite chips and fruit and you might just get the kids to stick around! 

Top-Your-Own Mac n’ Cheese Board

How fun is this Mac n’ Cheese Board?  Start with homemade Mac n’ Cheese (none of that boxed stuff) and pile on all the extra toppings for a fun and easy lunch idea the whole family will enjoy. 

Netflix n’ Chill Movie Night

After a long day in the sun, a relaxing movie night might be just what the family needs. This movie-night snack board packs in all the fun snacks your fam will love! Get creative and add your kids’ favorites! 

Epic Baked Potato Board

When the days are long and hot, sometimes all the family wants is lighter fare like this easy (and totally epic) baked potato board. It’s easy enough to make a big batch of baked potatoes – then, simply surround with all your favorite toppings. It’s a hearty meal without being too heavy! 

Picnic (or Poolside) Snack Board

Whether you’re heading to the pool or venturing out for a picnic (don’t forget the frisbee), this snack board is the perfect take-along to handle even the heartiest summertime cravings. 

Source: The Baker Mama

Build-Your-Own Waffle Board

A build-your-own waffle board is a fabulous way to serve breakfast, brunch, lunch or heck, even brinner (ya know… breakfast at dinnertime)! 

Source: The Baker Mama

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Snack Board

Is there a kid, tween or teen out there who can pass up a grilled-to-perfection grilled cheese sandwich? Pair with grapes, sliced apples (or any other fruit you fancy) chips and dipping sauces, and you’ll please even the most finicky eaters.

A Little Sweet, A Little Salty

When your tastebuds are craving the scrumptious duo of sweet and salty, this is the board you’ll want to make! Brimming with all the salty goodness and sweet flavors that’ll satisfy those cravings in no time! 

Summer Fruit and Cheese Board

Brimming with the season’s best summer fruit, cheese, veggies and dips, this summer fruit and cheese board is perfect to whip up for an afternoon snack the whole family will love.

Easy Summer Salad Board

Nothing screams summer more than salads! This easy summer salad board is a breeze to pull together, too. Choose your favorite salad mix and surround the bowl with all your fam’s favorite salad toppings. Light and refreshing!

Crowd-Pleasing Chocolate Fondue Snack Board

This board is sure to please everyone in the family! Pancakes, strawberries, pretzels and anything else that suits your fancy dipped in delicious melted chocolate makes an easy and scrumptious summertime dessert. 

Red, White & Blue Fruit Board

Nothing is more refreshing than fruit on a hot summer day! This fruit board isn’t only healthy and delicious, it’s pretty! Serve on the 4th of July, Memorial Day or any day in between! 

PB&J Summertime Snack Board

I’m not sure anyone really outgrows peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Kids and grown-ups alike will love this tempting board with an amazing selection of PB&J sandwiches and snacks to go with them. It’s an easy, fun, and delicious way to serve a snack or meal!


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