Elon Musk’s Mom, Maye Musk, Reveals The Secrets To Healthy Aging

By Bianca Salonga

Maye Musk, author, dietician, nutrition expert, model and mom of the Elon Musk
Maye Musk, author, dietician, nutrition expert, model and mom of the richest man on earth shares her secrets to staying ageless TIMELINE NUTRITION

Less than 48 hours ago, the internet broke with news of Tesla Co Founder and SpaceX Founder Elon Musk’s newly elevated net worth. Hitting the $292 billion mark, the highest recorded in history, Musk has whizzed past Amazon Founder Jeff Bezzos by an easy $100 billion. When you hear about remarkable achievements and successes such as these, one cannot help but wonder about family or parents who helped rear hyper achievers.

But apart from raising an extraordinary visionary and billionaire like Elon, author, supermodel, dietician and nutrition science expert Maye Musk is an icon all on her own. As a supermodel, she epitomizes effortless elegance with her signature silver hair and sleek ensembles. She’s also championed healthy, natural aging. At age 69, she made history by gracing a global beauty campaign for Cover Girl. On the same year, a cover for Vogue Korea saw an immaculate Maye decked in head-to-toe white, proving that indeed, age is just a number.

While creams, fillers, treatments and cosmetic surgery hold the promise of eternal youth, these quick fixes are exactly what they are—quick and temporary. Ultimately, healthy habits like proper nutrition, exercise and quality sleep will determine how we will look and feel. Maye begins, “My secret to aging gracefully is definitely my eating habits. I follow a Flexitarian diet. My three cardinal rules for living life to the fullest is to stay in good health through eating well, keep educating yourself, and stay positive.”

Maye Musk is the new face of Timeline Nutrition
Maye Musk says that balance is the key to good nutrition. TIMELINE NUTRITION

Masters degrees in Dietetics (from the University of the Orange Free State in South Africa) and Nutritional Science (from the University of Toronto) has informed Maye’s food choices. She shares, “When you follow research, evidence shows that the best diets to stay in good health are Mediterranean dietDASH dietFlexitarian diet or WW diet.” There is provision in her meal plans for small portions of meat, chicken and fish.

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Just like everyone else, Maye indulges on cheat days. She discloses, “My cheat day would be a tub of ice cream or a bar of chocolate. That would replace one or two meals. I did that a few times during quarantine, then went into a happy food coma. The next day I would be sad because of my weight gain and would follow my healthy diet strictly for the next few days.”

When it comes to eating healthy, she fills her pantry with greens, whole grains, fruits, low-fat dairy and legumes. She emphasizes, “As a nutritionist, I always advocate that diet is the most powerful tool for good health and longevity. I supplement selectively when the research shows that diet cannot provide specific nutrients at optimal levels.”

Maye Musk is the new face of Timeline Nutrition
Maye Musk is the new face of next generation cellular nutrition supplement, Timeline Nutrition TIMELINE NUTRITION

As a general rule, Maye relies on solely food as her main source for energy and nutrition. Her experience and experience in all matters related to healthy aging have enhanced sense of discernment, especially when it comes to picking out supplements. “I don’t endorse dietary supplements,” she says, “Most of them lack rigorous scientific evidence.”

Recent announcement that Maye would be the new face of next generation, cellular nutrition supplement, Timeline Nutrition, piqued curiosity. What would make a wellness icon change her stance about supplements? She explains, “Timeline Nutrition is different. The cellular nutrient inside Timeline, Mitopure, is backed by over 10 years of research and multiple clinical studies.”

Timeline Nutrition consists of Mitopure, which aids in the renewal of cells
Timeline Nutrition consists of Mitopure, a highly pure form of Urolithim A, which aids in the renewal and repair of the cell’s mitochondria. DENNISPEDERSEN.COM

Mitopure is basically a highly pure form of Urolithim A which aids in the renewal and repair of the cell’s mitochondria. This particular part of the cell is best likened to power plants or energy factories. The team at Timeline Nutrition expounds, “As we age, our mitochondria becomes damaged and loses power. Professor Johan Auwerx discovered a nutrient, Urolithim, derived from pomegranates that enhances regeneration and renewal.”

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The Timeline Nutrition team adds that it “few people have the right microbiome to get enough of this nutrient from diet alone.” This is why the company endeavored to develop Mitopure Soft Gels and Mitopure Powder Supplements. According to the Swiss-based company, “It delivers 6 times more Urotihim A, compared to diet alone. It also supports improvements in mitochondrial function, muscle strength and endurance.”

The communications team behind Timeline Nutrition also writes that: “She (Maye) began using Timeline Nutrition daily nearly four years ago, mixing the Mitopure powder into her yogurt or taking the soft-gel pills when travelling.” Maye, who also graciously agreed to an interview outside of the intimate press breakfast last September, reveals: “At 73, I’m full of energy and feel great. I trust the research and the clinical studies show this cellular nutrient really works.”

Maye Musk is ageless with Timeline Nutrition
At 73 years of age, Maye Musk continue to lead an active lifestyle TIMELINE NUTRITION

Maye’s days are perpetually packed. Her schedule, at the very least, reads a lot like a 30-something’s agenda. That she can keep up and show up as the best version of herself each day speaks volumes. Maye speaks candidly about her morning rituals. “At home, my dog wakes me up or sometimes I wake him up if I have to get started early. I have my cup of coffee with milk and a sweetener, he has his treat. He never forgets that he gets a treat every time I put the kettle on. We then go for a walk…. I try to do brisk walks alone for at least 30 minutes every day, stretch for 15 minutes and weights for 10 minutes. I don’t over exercise.”

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Work entails travel, back-to-back speaking engagements and shoots. If anything, her age has only added mileage to her wellness journey. It’s never really slowed her down. “I take stairs in hotels. I also have to fit 30 outfits for speaking engagements or fashion events. That’s really an exercise.”

Beyond diet, exercise and nutrition, Maye’s positive mindset has done wonders in stopping the hands of time. She advices, “Stop complaining about aches and pains. Instead, remain or obtain a healthy weight to decrease risk for chronic diseases. Also, be positive and happy and spend time sharing positive messages to inspire people of all ages.”

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