“Shine bright and have a huge impact in this world, because you can.”

Iskra Lawrence is a model and body-positivity activist. She is a model and an Aerie Real Role Model for the clothing brand American Eagle Outfitters. Lawrence champions and unretouched images in her professional photoshoots and across her social media networks. She is a National Eating Disorders Association ambassador and often uses her platforms to advocate for body diversity and positivity. She frequently uses the hashtag, #everyBODYwithiskra, to promote self-care and body positivity.

Nationality: British

Industry: Modeling

Q: What would you like to see change in the fashion industry?HuffPost

A: “To stop defining women by size – this only encourages society to feel defined by their size. I would get rid of labels and treat everyone equally. I’m excited to see more brands using a diverse range of models and I hope that continues…I recently spoke at Harvard and met a sweatshop worker from Bangladesh. She opened my eyes to the terrible working conditions that she campaigns to improve, so I would love to see brands investing in looking after their workers.”

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