“I have been told multiple times when questioning something, that ‘this is how it’s done’. For me, that’s just not good enough. Despite being a traditional brand from the sales and distribution outlook, I rather not simply take the obvious approach.”

Zahra Ahmed is the current CEO of DL1961, a denim brand focused on providing sustainability to the planet. After leading the marketing and e-commerce route of the brand, she shared the position of CEO with her mother, before taking full control of the company. Ahmed strives to create quality denim, while encouraging the use of eco-friendly production with her clothing line.

Nationality: American

Industry: Fashion

Q: As your factories are in Pakistan, how does the company ensure fair working rights for the factory workers? Forbes

A: “From a young age it was instilled in us that with every jean sold, our responsibility to the community that made that sale possible deepens. We are truly privileged to be in a position where we can see and be accountable for the full life cycle of a pair of jeans, from how and where it’s made to when it ships directly to our customers. “