“I’m intimidated by the fear of being average.”

Taylor Swift is a ten-time Grammy award winner singer and songwriter. At just the young age of 15 she signed her first major record deal, shortly after being discovered at an open mic hosted at the Blue Bird Café in Nashville. Aside from capturing the attention of millions of fans worldwide, she is also known for her philanthropic donations and emphasis on the importance of voting. According to Vote.org, there was a 65,000 voter increase in 2018 just one day after Taylor Swift urged followers on social media to take to the polls. Her hard work, dedication, and commitment lands her a spot on this list.

Nationality: American

Industry: Music and Entertainment

Q: “How did you come to use high school metaphors to touch on politics with “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince”? Rolling Stone

A: “There are so many influences that go into that particular song. I wrote it a couple of months after midterm elections, and I wanted to take the idea of politics and pick a metaphorical place for that to exist. And so I was thinking about a traditional American high school, where there’s all these kinds of social events that could make someone feel completely alienated. And I think a lot of people in our political landscape are just feeling like we need to huddle up under the bleachers and figure out a plan to make things better.”