“I also serve as inspiration for the youth with the girl band Glitch, where my teenager daughter sings. We donate music, food and messages with high social value. We want to help this sensitive and vulnerable group. They need inspiration to make true their projects with purpose.”

Dr. Patricia Colomine was born on December 30th, 1976 in Caracas, Venezuela. She is the daughter of two college professors, which allowed her to develop leadership and oratory skills from an early age. Being a child of college professors, she entered the Central University of Venezuela at the age of 16 to study medicine. Due to her interest in childcare and pediatrics, she completed her master’s degree in Neonatology at UCV. This degree allowed her to offer her knowledge to heal newborns with health risks as well as provide guidance to breastfeeding mothers. All of her work in this field motivated Dr. Colomine to create a program of personalized neonatology as well as write her soon to be published book “Hola llegó Pau” (A new baby has arrived). This book seeks to explain that a mother’s love is not based on sacrifice but on wellbeing. In addition to her work in neonatology, Dr. Patricia Colomine develops social programs for children and teenagers with cancer.

Nationality: Venezuelan

Industry: Medicine