“I am constantly learning and growing while being open to change and the challenge of new opportunities. I have learned the art of redirecting. And I know how to keep it moving when my current environment is no longer serving or supporting me.” – excerpt from From Ball Girl to CMO by Melissa Proctor

Melissa McGhie Proctor joined the Atlanta Hawks in June of 2014 and is the Chief Marketing Officer for the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club and Philips Arena. Proctor began her career with the Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., serving in senior brand development and strategy leadership positions for Turner Entertainment Networks (including TNT, TBS, Turner Classic Movies (TCM), truTV and Peachtree TV), Cartoon Network and Turner Media Group. Additionally, Proctor helped to create the first Corporate Social Responsibility Division in Turner’s UK office.  Among her accomplishments, Proctor was responsible for managing the naming and identity for the rebranding of Court TV as truTV, and leading corporate culture initiatives to foster employee engagement, collaboration and innovation. Proctor has also been a part of the NBA since high school, being the first ball girl (team attendant) for the Miami Heat organization and in later years returning to work for the Heat in basketball operations and the Atlanta Hawks as a ball girl.

Nationality: American

Industry: Sports Marketing

Q: What is your advice to women entering the male-dominated field of sports business? Atlanta Magazine

A: “Nobody gets to where they are on their own.”