“Now more than ever, our people(Haitians) will need jobs and a way to be self-sufficient. When the donations stop, how will the country survive? I need you to persevere in making this dream a reality as the lives of many are at stake.”

Yve-car Momperousse from the time she was young, used Haitian Black Castor Oil. In her adult age, she found it harder to find this oil in the United States and decided she would make it so that this would no longer be an issue for people to buy. Additionally, Yve-Car sought to stimulate economic activity in Haiti, knowing as an activist of her home island that the people of the land need jobs as a means to move towards self-sufficiency.

Nationality: Haitian-American

Industry: Beauty

Q: Forbes general interview

A: I am put on this Earth not only to benefit myself, but to ensure that benefit reverberates for others.