“It feels that there is both a sisterhood [in Hollywood], which is wonderful because nobody wants to be at the dance party on their own, and also that their films are being put alongside great male filmmakers’ without an asterisk. I’m happy for it to be special and not special at the same time.”

Greta Gerwig is an actress and filmmaker, directing two Academy Award nominated films, Lady Bird and Little Women. Gerwig is one of five women to ever be nominated for an Oscar for Best Director. As for her films, they not only feature strong female leads, but highlight female relationships beyond just romance, which she intended. In her career and in interviews, Gerwig has supported gender equality, female independence, and the need for women’s stories to be told.

Nationality: American

Industry: Film

Q: When you became the fifth woman nominated for an Oscar for Best Director, for Lady Bird in 2018, you were held up as an example of how far women behind the camera have come and still have to go. What was that like?Time

A: “I live really close to the New School and New York University, and these younger women come up to me and say, “I saw your film and I want to make my own films.” Being recognized by my peers in the Academy, and then having that translate to young women directly—it’s the reason I do it.”

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