“I am my inspiration, I am my inspiration”.”

Lizzo is a singer, songwriter, flutist, and rapper. Known for her body positive messaging and unapologetic attitude, this grammy nominated artist was named Time’s 2019 Entertainer of the Year for her vocal talent and the fact that she represents something new and never before seen in the music industry.

Nationality: American

Industry: Music and Entertainment

Q: “On writing “My Skin,” her first body positive song?” TIME

A: “The thing that I like about myself the most is the thing that’s weaponized against us. People with black skin, you know, we get that weaponized, and this was [during] the beginning of #BlackLivesMatter, when there was such a public amount of executions of unarmed black people by police officers. And so, I think that it was almost oxymoronic to be like, “I love my black skin,” when that was the thing that’s held against me the most in this society. I wanted to write a song about that too, and talk about how I’m proud of it no matter what.”