“Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count.”

Stella McCartney has been widely known since birth due to being the daughter of Paul McCartney. She grew up in the spotlight, but then started her own fashion house, Stella McCartney. McCartney is an extremely environmentally conscious designer and eschews the use of leather and non-sustainable materials such as PVC and leather. She was a pioneer in the field of sustainable fashion and encourages other designers to start adapting these principles.

Nationality: English

Industry: Fashion

Q: “I wanted to talk to you about family and creativity. Do you feel like you’re the designer that you are because you inherited something? Or is it because you grew up in a certain environment with creative parents?” Harper’s Bazaar

A: “It’s an interesting question, and one I thought about a lot when I was growing up. I think that one can’t help but be steered and navigated in ways; it’s just kind of what you know. I also think that part of it is DNA. For instance, I don’t do music, but I see a talent for it in my siblings and even in my own children, and my father’s father was in a band. But you do acquire a lot from your surroundings as a child—and you are a very good example of that. Most people stick to what they know from their upbringing in their career, and I really admire people who go in a completely different direction.”