Sydney Sweeney Has More Hobbies Than Anyone We Know 

Ask her about CarTok, the ski team, and her new role as the face of Armani My Way perfume.

By Paige Stables

“Um, I don’t know any TikTok beauty trends,” Sydney Sweeney tells me with a laugh when I ask her about the craziest TikTok beauty moment she’s gotten in on. That’s ironic because the Euphoria and White Lotus star is frequently setting trends with her ever-inspiring makeup, like silver-lined eyes that dazzled the internet, and a ballet-core ensemble that was en pointe. 

“I just go on TikTok for my car,” Sweeney continues. She’s referring to the red-hot 1969 Ford Bronco that she restored herself. (A casual flex. Check out the transformation — and some great mechanics jumpsuits — on her TikTok @syds_garage.) 

Sweeney is a woman of many talents: “I have a lot of different hobbies. I love sports. I like to play soccer. I love decorating. I love building things.” And she doesn’t dial it in: “I grew up being on a snow ski team when I was little and we would have to be up the mountain by 5 a.m. During holiday breaks, I’d be up on the mountain every other day and I loved it.” 

But gardening is another story. “I have not figured out my green thumb yet,” she says. “When I have a plant… usually it doesn’t last long.” Sweeney is a fan of aloe though. “One of the weirdest [skin tips] someone told me was to cut an aloe plant in half and smear it on my face. And I was like, what are you talking about?” Sweeney says. “Now, I do it all the time.” But rather than growing her own succulents, she buys organic aloe gel. And she’s refined her application method: “I have this cool little cube thing that looks like a ball. You mix the aloe with water and put it inside, then freeze it. I like to do a cold ice massage on my face in the morning.” 

In addition to her passion for ice-rolling, Sweeney’s skin-care routine includes a lot of hyaluronic acid products and serious sun protection  — she has separate formulas for her face and hands. On the makeup front, most days, there is a high chance she is wearing Armani Neo Nude A-Blush. “I use it as blush, lip stain, and eye shadow,” she says. “And I wear Armani My Way every day. It’s like my armor to be myself and be free-spirited. I like to dab a little before I go to bed also.” (Sweeney is an Armani Beauty brand ambassador and the new face of the fragrance, a punchy floral with rose, citrus, and a splash of vanilla bourbon.) 

Her most daring looks are reserved for the red carpet: “It’s a lot of fun to explore new things and try out different sides of myself,” Sweeney says. There are times when she envisions what futuristic beauty might look like to inform her glam decisions — she recently matched her eyeliner to her metal breastplate — but it’s an icon of the past, Brigitte Bardot, that is her greatest inspiration. In one episode of Euphoria, Sweeney’s character, Cassie Howard, is asked if she’s auditioning for the musical Oklahoma in a coquette-country dress with a gingham tie-front blouse. Off camera, she took the same look — originally inspired by Bardot — and reinvented it for a red carpet event. “I wanted to twist it a little bit,” she says. “I had cool undereye eyelashes and loved how it opened up my eyes.” 

Now, the doe-eyed actor is looking ahead to a major year. This fall, she’ll star in Madame Web, a new Spider-Man spin-off Marvel film, and her first project under her own production company, Fifty-Fifty, is already in development. She’s on the rise — and constantly on the move. When I spoke with Sweeney she was in Rome and had already been in New York, London, and Spain that week. To bring calm to the chaos of it all, she uses candles to spark a sense of relaxation. “I’m a big advocate for making it feel like a home no matter where I am,” Sweeney says. “I’m always burning candles and I love the smell of vanilla. It makes me feel homey and calm and safe.”

Aside from My Way and a great vanilla candle, Sweeney’s other favorite scent is saltier: “I love the smell of Parmesan,” she says. Now that the Bronco is done, perhaps there’ll be a cheese-making project in her future.