The Pilates Class Opens Its First In-Person Fitness Studio

By Yola Robert

While there has been a continuous rise in online fitness communities worldwide, those communities also have the desire to work out together in person. Celebrity Pilates Instructor, Jacqui Kingswell and entrepreneur and global Influencer, Natasha Oakley, started The Pilates Class in 2021 as an online fitness studio. What was meant to be an easier way for Kingswell to train her clients turned into an international community of members in over 118 cities with over 60,000 subscribers and now an in-person fitness studio.

“The Pilates Class was brought to life in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when the world was closed and people everywhere were isolated. We recognized the world’s deep need for human connection and a sense of community, as well as accessible and convenient pilates classes that felt like private training sessions. Tash was a client and good friend of mine, and after taking my online classes, she immediately called me to partner up and build an online platform to share with the world. Tash and I meticulously crafted TPC to provide the aforementioned qualities to our members from the comfort of their own homes, no matter where they might be in the world.

We wanted our platform to feel luxurious yet welcoming, whilst offering more than just a workout,” shared Kingswell.

The platform offers a range of restorative, low-impact practices from Pilates, Barre, Cardio and Strength to Stretch, Prenatal, Postnatal and Mindfulness classes. With over 300 videos and a brand new weekly workout every week to choose from, The Pilates Class’ unique approach and guidance sets a new standard for your body allowing users to filter by duration, intensity or type. The Pilates Class is beloved by celebrities such as Nina Dobrev, Shanina Shaik, Sydney Sweeny, Olivia Culpo, Kaia Gerber and more. Given Kingswell’s background in dance and pilates, she was able to bring a strong focus on technique and form to The Pilates Class, “I always emphasize the importance of the correct alignment and breath work, which is essential for anyone at any stage of fitness to build a strong foundation for their practice. It also allows me to implement dance techniques and moves into my pilates classes which enhances the workouts for a fun and different experience. We take a comprehensive approach to health and wellness, striving to provide well-rounded and factual information across all areas of our platform. Our philosophy, known as The TPC Method, prioritizes nurturing the mind, body, and soul, and emphasizes the importance of listening to your body to provide it with exactly what it needs. We cater to all ages, genders, and fitness levels, with a focus on various aspects of wellness such as strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Our goal is to provide a personalized experience that caters to the unique needs of each individual member through our content.”

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Kingswell and Oakley’s commitment to providing high-quality classes, building a strong sense of community, and leveraging social media to connect with their members have been the driving forces behind their 22% YoY growth. The consistent growth and engaged global community led the pair to open an in-person studio. “We decided to open an in-person studio to provide our members with a more comprehensive fitness experience within the home-city of the business, Los Angeles. Whilst our online platform is successful in offering accessible, convenient and cost-effective classes, we wanted to listen to our members and evolve with the world post-pandemic. The TPC Studio is a true embodiment of the brand, from lighting to scent, trainers to equipment, it offers our members the opportunity to receive hands-on guidance in a warm and welcoming space. It was always a goal of Jacqui’s, having dreamt of opening her own studio since before the birth of The Pilates Class, so now that the world has re-opened, it just felt like the right progression for the company!” exclaimed Oakley.

The studio is a fully immersive, holistic fitness experience and a physical, in-person extension of The Pilates Class at-home. TPC Studio offers an array of mat pilates classes, as well as private and semi-private reformer classes taught by highly trained instructors, centered around core The Pilates Class (TPC) principles. In addition to the classes, TPC is also featuring programming and special events for its local community. As the new studio opens, Kingswell and Tash are currently in the middle of their Community World Tour, where they run in-person events around the globe and include a class led by Jacqui, Q&A session, sound healing and juice and coffee carts. “Being able to connect with our members in this capacity is truly incredible and not something everyone is able to do. Our tour kicked off in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, and will be swiftly followed by Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and London,” said Oakley. “We’re also committed to expanding our offerings, improving our app and introducing fresh content and new trainers and coaches (hint, hint) to ensure each member is getting exactly what they want out of the platform! We absolutely cannot wait to share what we’ve got planned – watch this space.”

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