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How to Destress With Calming Pictures

How to Destress With Calming Pictures Certain images, colors, and shapes have a calming effect. Learn how and why you can destress with pictures. By Ashley Zlatopolsky Medically reviewed by Michael MacIntyre, MD Stress can cause a number of health problems, ranging from heart disease to seizures to insomnia. Getting a massage or doing breathing exercises are some common methods for alleviating stress,…

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This Woman Created a Meditation Platform For Black Women to Help Them Relax and Destress

By Tamara Pridgett It’s no secret that health and wellness has an inclusivity problem. As a result, Black women are taking action and creating platforms — communities where they can feel safe and comfortable as they focus on their physical and mental health, like Black Girls Breathing. “Black Girls Breathing makes space for Black women to actively take care of their…

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