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Women In Japan Were Told Not To Wear Glasses To Work. Their Response Has Been Fiery.

Glasses, say some companies in Japan, are just not right for women to wear to work. In recent reports by Japan’s Nippon TV and Business Insider Japan, women from a range of industries described being instructed by their employers not to wear glasses. One receptionist recalled being told that glasses for her were not allowed, while a male receptionist was permitted to don…

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What “Business Casual” Really Means For Women.

“Business Casual” Defined You’ve heard the term “business casual” countless times. But what exactly does “business casual attire” mean for women? First of all, “business casual” sounds like an oxymoron. It’s like “seriously funny” or “jumbo shrimp.” Seriously, though, a business-casual dress code is bound to cause some confusion, especially if you’re in your first job out of school or…

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