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How Practicing Healthy Habits Can Make You Look & Feel Younger

Scientists have long understood that what truly lengthens your life and keeps your later years healthy are the basics we’ve known about for ages: Eat a healthy diet filled with vegetables, exercise regularly, invest in healthy relationships, reduce stress, and get enough sleep. Now a team of researchers has uncovered a potential key reason these actions are so beneficial: they influence our genes.

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How Emma Chamberlain Uses Coffee For Her Mental Health

Emma Chamberlain is the quintessential cool girl and, honestly, somewhat of a paradox. With more than 9.5 million YouTube subscribers; 10.5 million Instagram followers; her own podcast, merchandise, and coffee company, Chamberlain has every reason to exude an ego. But nope, the wildly successful 19-year-old has managed to stay humble and approachable. It makes sense. Unlike many curated influencers, Chamberlain is unfiltered and…

10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

By SHEENA JEFFERS The word “confidence” dates back to the early 15th century. A direct descendent of the Latin word confidentia meaning “firmly trusting, bold” and confidere meaning “to have full trust or reliance.” When I try to trace the roots of confidence in my own life it leads me to questions: When did I first hear of this concept? When did I first feel…